The Best Industries for Online Degrees
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The Best Industries for Online Degrees

By Alayna Buckner
Published on February 18, 2010.

To excel in your career you will need advanced education, but it doesn't much matter whether you learned in a classroom or in your pajamas. Four million students are enrolled in online classes this year -- from online high school diploma programs to doctoral degrees, and the e-learning population is expected to grow by a whopping 30 percent annually. If you're a working professional in business, health care, or technology, you might be surprised by how well online degree programs can suit your needs!

The Business World: Earn Your MBA Online

Are you hoping to move up the company ladder, but aren't sure you can afford a full-time MBA program? Online schools offer online classes that may be a realistic solution because you can study while you work. Earning an MBA online can help you retain your professional experience while expanding your knowledge with online classes.

In the business world, experience matters. The best professors have real-world understanding; they may have run their own companies or created their own start-ups. If you earn your MBA online, the instructors for your online classes can teach from the Silicon Valley while you learn on your couch.

Health Care: Nurse Your Career with an Online Degree

Health care professionals need current information and actual practice to excel. Online classes offer both. Online classes let you study when it is convenient for you and allow you to work at your own pace. You'll have a better shot at mastering the material when you can choose when and where to learn. This means better care for your patients and better career opportunities for you.

Online classes in health care typically require lab courses, most often overseen by local hospitals and health care centers. You can gain even more hands-on experience by working at your current health care job while studying to advance your career. What could be easier?

Information Technology: High-Tech Education, High-Impact Careers

The most significant difference between online schools and traditional campus-based colleges is learning environment. With online degree programs, you study from the comfort of home, using the computer and multimedia technology. Doesn't it make sense that one of the most practical industries for online education is computer and information technology?

With an online degree program, everything you need to hone your IT and computer skills is quite literally at your finger tips. Interested in security or networking? How about programming? Either way, all you need to get ahead is a great education and your computer. What's more, online education allows you to participate in an ever growing technology trend that will shape your professional future.

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About the Author
Alayna Buckner graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Public Policy and Philosophy and now lives and works in Washington DC.
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