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Launch a New Career--From Your Browser

By Alayna Buckner
Published on February 21, 2008.

Are you at work right now? Surfing the Internet to avoid the boring busy-work flooding your desk? Are your career and promotion opportunities limited? You could put your zone-out time to better use. Many people are pursuing online degree programs this year to advance their careers. Why not join them? You can make the career change you've always wanted, and online degrees can be a bargain, not to mention a great investment. Wake up tomorrow excited ready start your new career!

Flexible Online Schedules Save You Time

Online classes are perfect for working students with busy jobs and hectic family schedules. Depending on the type of program, you can schedule your classes when you like and study when it is convenient for you. Some students do it in short bursts before dinner, others do it after they put the kids to bed. Online classes can also save you time by eliminating long commutes to school.

E-degrees Can Save You Money

Online classes mean you may spend less on transportation, campus housing, campus fees, and class materials. Most importantly, you can probably keep your job while going to school. You've always heard that you should never let money stand between you and career success; now online education offers a solution.

Whether you're in business and need an MBA, or you're teaching and need a master's to become department head, or you're in nursing trying to earn your RN or BSN, additional education can make the difference between a getting promotion and another year of the same ol' same ol'.

If you're taking stock of your career, it is worth your time to consider improving your prospects with an online degree.

About the Author
Alayna Buckner graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Public Policy and Philosophy and now lives and works in Washington DC.
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