Online Education- Perfect for Parents
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Online Education- Perfect for Parents

By Alayna Buckner
Published on February 21, 2008.

90 million people participate in some form of adult education each year, and many are caring for a family at the same time. An online college degree allows you to work a day job and care for children while you earn a high school diploma, a bachelor's degree, or even a master's degree online. Here's how!

E-learning Helps You Balance Your Commitments

Online classes are perfect for those juggling full-time job and / or family commitments. If you plan to re-enter the work force, an online degree can give you the skills and qualifications to succeed and still allow you the time to care for your family.

E-learning from home cuts out long commutes, too. Instead of spending an hour or two on the road each day, spend it with your kids, studying, or at the office a bit more. With online classes, you can listen to lectures whenever you have time-- while your children are napping or before dinner. You can even do your homework while your children do theirs, emphasizing how important learning is for your family.

E-learning Saves You Money, Earns You Money

The cost of online degree programs is usually comparable to traditional programs. However, you'll continue to earn money if you're working. You may also save money on commuting to school, class materials, and childcare. That advanced degree may be worth thousands in future career potential.

E-learning has many advantages, so join the millions of people who are pointing and clicking their way to better jobs. Research online degrees today.

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About the Author
Alayna Buckner graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Public Policy and Philosophy and now lives and works in Washington DC.
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