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Taking Hands-On Degrees Online!

By Alayna Buckner
Published on March 3, 2010.

You can't get an online nursing degree, can you? Or an online education degree? Online high school diploma? What about an online business degree? Online degrees are a rapidly expanding education sector. Professors have developed online teaching innovations in classes you probably thought required practical experience. So how does it work? Let us show you what online schools have to offer your education and your career.

Online Nursing Degrees

Online nursing degrees can be just as demanding as traditional programs and may require a higher level of self discipline. If you're an RN now, you can continue to work and learn at your own pace to advance your career. In nursing, you can take the non-clinical portions of your degree in online classes. The labs or clinical parts of your degree are coordinated with a local medical facility. You may even be able to earn credit while on the job!

Online Business Degrees

Online business schools are excellent for managers who have work experience, but are looking to grow as business professionals. Online classes are designed for working professionals, not just full-time students. This means that with an online MBA, you don't have to give up two years of professional growth just to get your degree.

Some online MBA programs require one-week residencies where you practice the people skills you will need to excel in the business world. This lets you put your newly honed skills to practical use in your community.

Online Education Degrees

In teaching, there is no substitute for classroom experience. So, why leave the classroom to grow professionally? If you are looking to be department head, earn a master's degree, or improve your curriculum skills, online classes can help you stay in your classroom while improving your career and earning potential in a virtual learning environment.

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About the Author
Alayna Buckner graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Public Policy and Philosophy and now lives and works in Washington DC.
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