Agricultural Science Colleges

Agricultural Science programs vary widely depending on the level of education required for various specialties within the field. Some jobs, such as those in applied research or research assistance, only require a bachelors degree. Other positions, such as those in basic research, usually require a masters or doctoral degree. In order to gain positions as college professors or administrative researchers, students in the field need to earn a Ph.D. in agricultural science. There are many different types of agricultural science degrees offered by many different types of colleges and universities. Most programs include study in communications, business, economics, mathematics, and the physical and life sciences.

The area of agricultural science often overlaps significantly with other disciplines, such as social science, business, industry, technology, and production. Students typically select an area of concentration as well as a specific major within that concentration. Students may specialize in such subjects as animal sciences, entomology, horticulture, rural sociology, or agricultural education. Graduates may gain employment in farm production, agribusiness, food production, or community service.

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Agricultural Science Colleges

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