Animal Sciences Degrees

Animal Science programs develop students' understanding of the principles and methods necessary to improve the production of animal products, including meat, dairy, or fiber products. Students learn how to effectively manage systems involving animals such as cattle, pigs, poultry, horses, rabbits, and sheep. Many programs focus on creating systems that are generate profits, but are also humane and sustainable. Students sharpen their knowledge of the nutrition and physiology of these animals and apply this knowledge to production systems.

There are typically three different options for student specialization: production, range study, and general science. Students specializing in production gain a solid business and economic background that they can apply to animal husbandry, production, and management. The range science specialization focuses on range management and ecology that is typically necessary for government employment in range-related positions. A specialization in science gives students the option to pursue more advanced degrees in veterinary medicine, animal science, food technology, and biotechnology.

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Animal Sciences Degrees

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