Food Science Degrees

Food Science programs bring together a broad range of scientific disciplines to enhance students' understanding of microbiology, flavor technology, food chemical structure, and hydrodynamics. Programs examine the economic, political, and social factors that influence the nature of the food industry in the U.S. and around the world. The food industry is constantly demanding new products and safety protocols, and food scientists can make a big difference in the industry and in the challenge of maintaining an adequate and safe global food supply.

Graduates of food science programs often continue their studies at the graduate level, focusing on such food-related areas as microbiology, molecular biology, engineering, and chemistry. Others gain employment with food corporations, taste developers, research foundations, and government agencies. Because the programs emphasize such a broad range of subjects, such as mathematics, nutrition, biotechnology, psychology, economics, marketing, and management, graduates have the option of entering a variety of non-food-related industries as well.

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Food Science Degrees

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