General Agriculture Science Colleges

General Agricultural Science programs are designed to give students a basic overview of the agriculture industry and the knowledge necessary to succeed in its various sectors. Modern agriculture depends largely on a blend of nature and technology, which requires the synchronization of factors such as weather, animal diseases, and market fluctuations. Students can learn to make sound investments and protect them by utilizing technology to predict variables. Whether students choose a certificate, two-year or four-year degree, master's degree, or doctoral degree program, they can emerge ready to accept the challenge of modern agriculture.

Students can graduate from General Agricultural Science programs ready to pursue careers in soil science, ranch and farm management, or farm equipment technology. The programs are also designed to prepare graduates to continue their studies in a particular area of specialization, such as soil conservation, agricultural advertising, agribusiness sales, and international agriculture. Graduates can be prepared to either enter the agri-industry job market or continue at the graduate level.

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General Agriculture Science Colleges

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