Interior Architecture Schools

Interior Architecture programs prepare students for a career in the design and construction of the interiors of building spaces. Graduates may create the layout for the interiors of laboratories, computer areas, hotels, theaters, retail stores, office space, museums, or any other interior space. They need to be well versed in design, construction, equipment, and building systems. Interior architecture programs go beyond the realm of interior design and instill students with a knowledge of design theory and design skills relating to the interior environment.

Interior architecture students study a certain amount of general architecture, mostly in the beginning of the program. Internships are common during later years of study and are coordinated with professional architecture offices. Interior architects focus on such topics as anthropometrics and ergonomics, and they strive to create unique and functional interior environments. They attempt to meet a variety of needs for people in these environments, including psychological, social, intellectual, and physical needs.

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Interior Architecture Schools

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