Building Trade And Construction Schools

Building Trade and Construction programs are very diverse because they prepare students for a range of very diverse jobs within the industry. Programs that prepare students to become heavy construction contractors usually focus on skills such as technical and engineering science. Those programs that prepare students to work for residential developers emphasize business management skills. Most programs work closely with the construction industry to determine the precise skill sets desired by employers for various jobs. However, the study of construction usually includes general areas of study such as engineering science, management, and behavioral science.

Besides the specific trades of construction, carpentry, electrician, pipefitting, plumbing, tile setting, and masonry, some programs also cover the area of construction management. This is a complicated field in which students learn to manage people and resources at the same time as they design, develop, construct, and operate properties. Students learn to determine the various requirements of each project, including its parameters of cost, time, and design. They study cost estimation, contract law, communications, safety, project planning, and project management.

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Building Trade And Construction Schools

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