Carpentry Schools

Carpentry programs are designed to teach students how to build and maintain a wide range of structures that are made from wooden materials. Graduates may work as rough carpenters, building frameworks and forms for bridges and other large structures; as residential carpenters, creating the framework for homes; as finish carpenters, completing detailed work such as stairs and flooring; interior systems carpenters, installing factory-made materials and products; or floorlayers, specializing in hardwood flooring and carpeting.

Programs typically attempt to prepare students for the trade by helping them become competent in all areas. This allows graduates to enter different sectors of the field or go on to participate in an apprenticeship. Students learn how to follow building codes, read blueprints, cut and fit materials, and assemble buildings. Many programs feature a large hands-on component, in which students gain actual building experience.

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Carpentry Schools

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