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Computer programs can introduce students to computer science, including programming, algorithms, problem-solving, software development, and mathematics. After developing a basic understanding of the field, students typically identify a concentration and study such subjects as digital electronics, artificial intelligence, software engineering, computer networks, operating systems, graphics, or computer design. All programs seek to instill in students a range of basic science and engineering concepts. Programs typically include lectures, tutorials, and practical work, and laboratories are usually equipped with the latest in computing equipment.

Students should develop a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, and computer organization. This is usually accomplished in the first years of a program, and in later years, students progress to the study of more advanced theory, algorithms, hardware, and software. They are expected to learn to build and analyze tools that can be used to solve incredibly complex problems. They are also expected to learn to systemically apply methods and technology to solve actual computing problems.

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Computer Degrees

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