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ESL and Language programs provide knowledge of how to work with students who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Students in these programs develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between diversity and learning. They learn how to help their students deal with cultural adjustment and they learn how to identify cultural factors. They use strategies to create curricula that is non-biased and encourage healthier relationships between students and their families. They take courses that cover linguistics, the history of the English language, psychology of reading, integrated literacy, educational politics, and integrated literacy.

Students in these programs learn various methods for teaching English as a second language. They learn about language development and acquisition. They discuss a range of issues in multilingualism and advanced problems associated with ESL. ESL teachers may find employment teaching in the public school system or private schools across the world. They may go on to pursue careers as principals, coaches, and other types of school administrators.

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ESL And Language Schools

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