Teacher Education - For currently licensed teachers

Teacher Education - For currently licensed teachers

Teacher Education programs help prepare teachers to facilitate understanding in their students as well as the ability to process knowledge. Teachers become leaders within school systems, creating organizational diagnoses and changing the nature of leadership activities. Many programs specifically focus on urban education and issues related to unequal access to education. Teachers gain the ability to create student success where previously there was no success. Teachers are instilled with the understanding that teaching is a life-long development with different stages of growth on the road to becoming a truly exemplary role model.

Teachers who go through these programs emerge with a fundamental conception of education as a exchange between developing individuals. Teachers learn how to combine knowledge of subject matter with classroom organization and knowledge of students' cognitive processes. Human development is taught as it relates to academic subjects such as science, mathematics, reading, social studies, and writing. Most programs feature some aspect of field experience and student teaching. This forces them to meet challenges of decision making face to face.

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Teacher Education

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