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Teacher Aide Programs

Teacher Aide programs prepare students to assist teachers with the myriad tasks necessary to make classrooms function properly. Teacher aides are also known as paraeducators and paraprofessionals, and they may supervise children in classrooms or other academic settings, perform clerical tasks, and write down students' grades. Training in this discipline is available in the form of a certificate or degree that shows the student has developed the academic and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed as a teacher aide and a valued member of the instruction team within a school system.

Programs are available in academic locations, in-person classes, study groups, and as an online course. Students typically have a number of written assignments. Satisfactory completion of this program gives graduates the opportunity to enhance the quality of education students receive by supporting the teacher in classrooms and other educational settings. Graduates enhance their knowledge of pedagogical processes and related skills. They help more students realize their potential and receive a higher quality education.

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