Engineering Technology And Technicians Degrees

Engineering Technology and Technician programs prepare students to apply scientific and engineering principles, along with technical engineering skills, to engineering endeavors. Students learn about the application of technology and the theoretical, scientific, and mathematical concepts behind that application. Programs focus on advanced technical and management skills, along with study in the humanities and social sciences. Verbal and written communication are also large components of the programs, as is technical, laboratory-based work. Graduates may gain employment in construction management, product development, quality control, sales, estimating, and technical support.

Programs typically give students the option of choosing a specialty within the field, such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, or mechanical design within mechanical engineering; environmental regulations and hazardous materials within environmental engineering; or electric circuits, microprocessors, and digital electronics within electrical engineering. Programs training engineering technicians train students to perform routine duties under the close supervision of a technician, technologist, engineer, or scientist.

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Engineering Technology And Technicians Degrees

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