Architectural Engineering Technology Schools

Architectural Engineering Technology programs include the study of architectural design, as well as the techniques and materials used in the construction industry. Students study physics, math, soil mechanics, and structural mechanics. They learn how to draw accurate representations of buildings and to predict the forces that structures must be able to withstand. There is an emphasis throughout the programs on becoming proficient in the various computers and software necessary to successfully work in the field.

Graduates of these programs may work in architectural offices, offer their own design services, or pursue a more advanced architectural degree. They are prepared for technical positions in government, materials suppliers, architects, engineers, and builders. They may work in the fields of estimating, drafting, or sales. They may advance to positions such as architectural job supervisor or senior drafting consultant. Many earn a bachelor's degree in construction technology. As the standards of workmanship and safety have increased, so has the opportunity for students in this field.

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Architectural Engineering Technology Schools

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