Aeronautical And Aerospace Engineering Colleges

Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering programs are designed for students who wish to learn about flight, whether in the atmosphere or in space. Students learn how to tackle the myriad problems associated with designing and operating vehicles that move through air and space. Programs typically begin with basic study of engineering principles, such as structures, thermodynamics, statics, ,and design. As the programs progress, students move on to the study of propulsion, control systems, and aerodynamics, eventually deciding on a concentration or major in which to develop more specific knowledge.

Programs are rigorous and focus on the design, development, and integration of flight systems. Bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in aeronautical and aerospace engineering are offered. Graduates gain a high level of technical expertise that will serve them well in various engineering occupations, such as those within industry and government. Many students complete their studies with independent projects that make contributions to the fields of space systems, controls, instrumentation, computer applications, or design.

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Aeronautical And Aerospace Engineering Colleges

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