Chemical Engineering Degrees

Chemical Engineering programs prepare students to solve engineering problems in the fields of bioengineered materials, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, composites, microelectronics, and fine chemicals. Chemical engineering is the only engineering discipline that combines a knowledge of chemistry with that of mathematics and physics. The discipline is a cornerstone of modern society, and many contemporary problems, such as the environment, are in the domain of chemical engineers. Graduates of these programs find employment in industry, universities, government, and private consulting.

Students can go on to earn advanced degrees in the field, such as a Master of Engineering degree that focuses on chemical engineering. These programs enhance the technical skills of students by focusing on design. Many students work on self-directed projects and are prepared to enter into modern industry with the skills they need to succeed. Graduates have a broad range of knowledge in chemical engineering and know how to apply that knowledge to solve engineering problems.

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Chemical Engineering Degrees

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