Electrical Engineering Degrees

Electrical engineering programs are designed to prepare students to enter the most-studied branch of engineering. They may work in a variety of fields, such as manufacturing, maintenance, service, consulting, technical sales, education, or product design. Bachelor's degree programs can give students a solid foundation of knowledge in physical electronics, information engineering, and electronics. They can also prepare students for continuing studies at the graduate level. Electrical engineering is fundamental to the society in which we live; it created such basic comforts as refrigerators and home stereos.

Graduates of these programs work with small devices at physics and chemical levels. They may develop electro-optics, communication systems, bioelectrical systems, signal processing or computers. In many different areas of the field, there is a common emphasis on designing devices that are faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient. Because electrical engineering has been a cornerstone of the computer revolution, much of the work today is related to continuing the development of better computer systems.

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Electrical Engineering Degrees

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