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English Language and Literature programs include study in general history, literary criticism, literary theory, and the history of the English language. The goals of these programs are to help students develop a broad understanding of the English language, from its history to its current usage. Students are exposed to a wide variety of English literary texts. They learn to interpret texts and develop a critical understanding of the various approaches to the study of language and literature. Overall, students learn about the English language and the study of literature that is written in English.

There are many different types of degrees within this category, including American literature, comparative literature, creative writing, English composition, English literature, English language, rhetoric, speech, technical writing, and business writing. Few careers require these types of degree; however, they can be applied to a very broad range of careers, including teaching, public relations, publishing, journalism, business, and administration. Students learn the skills of reading, discussion, research, and analysis, all skills valued by many different types of employers.

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English Language And Literature Schools

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