Environmental Conservation Colleges

Environmental Conservation programs give students the opportunity to develop a broad range of knowledge in the areas of environmental and resource problems, as well as the skills and tools they need to contribute to the solving of these problems. A major emphasis in these programs is the development of solid critical thinking skills along with knowledge of the operation of local and global ecosystems. Many programs focus on the interdependence of people and the environment that surrounds them. There are many specialties within the field, on both the technological and humanitarian sides. These include fishery management, forest management, forestry, natural resources conservation, natural resources management, and wildlife management.

Programs often focus on how institutional, legislative, social, and political forces affect the environment and conservation. Many programs include a large field component in which students learn to use geographical information systems and other computer systems to better analyze data. Students generally gain laboratory and field study skills. They study the physical, natural, and social sciences, environmental legislation, and environmental policy.

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Environmental Conservation Colleges

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