Dental Laboratory And Dental Hygienist Schools

Dental Laboratory programs train students to become dental laboratory technologists who are part of the overall dental team. They learn to work with dentists treating patients who have lost or missing teeth due to decay, abnormalities, or accidents. They help to restore these teeth using new technology that utilizes both techniques and materials to give patients a healthier smile. Technologists are skilled workers who may be employed in dental offices, large commercial dentistry buildings, dental schools, or manufacturing firms. They strive to promote teeth and jaw health in patients. They repair bridges, remove dentures, and fix artificial teeth.

Dental Hygienist programs prepare graduates to provide oral health services to patients under the supervision of a dentist. They may work in public health, schools, hospitals, government, industry, armed forces, international clinics, or long-term care units. They have the ability to perform oral assessments and talk with patients about oral self-care. They learn to examine patients to check for disease and injuries. They may screen for oral cancer or help patients prevent gum disease. They may replace fillings or remove sutures after oral surgery.

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Dental Laboratory And Dental Hygienist Schools

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