Medical Assistant Training

Medical Assistant programs give students the skills they need to complete clinical and administrative duties, usually in an outpatient facility under the supervision of a licensed health care provider. Students learn to assist physicians and perform a limited number of medical procedures. Training programs are now required to become a medical assistant, and they typically teach students how to perform a variety of clinical duties, such as taking vital signs, administering medication, executing phlebotomy, taking x-rays, sterilizing equipment, and scheduling and receiving patients.

Students in these programs have the option of specializing in specific areas, such as podiatry, ophthalmology, sports medicine, or rehabilitation therapy. Most employers prefer applicants who have completed a formal training program, which usually take 2 years or less to complete and give the student a certificate. The programs include study in physiology, anatomy, medical terminology, anatomy, clinical procedures, word processing, transcription, office administration, and radiology. Many programs include some type of externship in which students gain practical experience in the field.

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Medical Assistant Training

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