Medical Diagnostics Technician Schools

Medical Diagnostics Technician programs teach students how to operate equipment that uses ultrasound to create images of organs, tissues, and blood flow. Students learn to work closely with physicians and other medical personnel, and they learn to communicate their diagnostic images and summarize their findings. Programs cover diagnostic procedures, analysis of technical information, patient history recording, oral and written summaries, patient care, and physician collaboration. They learn to exercise independent judgment in their work by deciding whether to extend the diagnostics.

Programs cover the patient interaction portion of the job, teaching students how to spend extended amounts of time with patients asking questions and performing examinations. Students learn how to recognize emergency medical situations that require the immediate attention of more qualified medical personnel. Students typically have the opportunity to specialize in a certain area such as abdominal imaging, high-risk obstetrics, pediatrics, gynecology, and neurosonology.

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Medical Diagnostics Technician Schools

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