Nursing Schools in Oregon

Nursing Schools in Oregon

Nurses are the direct caregivers to patients in hospitals, doctor's offices, long term care-giving facilities, clinics, and other medical offices. Licensing is required and degrees earned in Oregon nursing schools can qualify graduates to enter the rewarding career of nursing.

Nursing as a Career

Registered nurses are on the front lines of patient care. RNs assess patients, write and implement patient care plans, respond to emergencies, and maintain extensive electronic and written medical records. Personal care is given to disabled, convalescent, ill, injured, and hospitalized patients. RNs are authorized to dispense medication under the supervision of physicians.

RNs advance into specialties that include:

  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Certified RN anesthetists
  • Certified nurse midwives

Licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses work under the supervision of nurses and physicians. LPNs and LVNs take patients' vital signs and record findings, dress wounds, provide massages, give injections and enemas, collect samples, monitor medical equipment, and assist with daily care such as bathing, eating, and walking.

Employment Prospects

Job prospects for RNs look positive for LPNs and LVNs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 30,730 registered nurses were employed in Oregon in May 2009. The annual mean wage was $73,430. The highest paid 10% of the state's RNs that year made an estimated $95,200 and the lowest 10% earned $53,560.

In May 2009 there were an estimated 2520 licensed practical and vocational nurses in the field with an annual mean wage of $45,040. The lowest paid 10% of LPNs and LVNs took home $35,440 and the highest 10% of the nurses earned $54,700.

Nursing Schools in Oregon

LPN and LVN training programs typically last about a year. Courses are offered in community colleges, technical, and vocational colleges and lead to an associate's degree.

RNs graduate from Oregon nursing schools with an associate degree in nursing (ADN), a bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BSN), or a diploma. A national licensing examination is then successfully completed. RNs with advanced responsibilities must possess a master's degree. A diploma program administered by a hospital takes about three years to complete.

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