Pharmacy Schools Online

Pharmacy Schools Online

Pharmacists enjoy a strong job outlook, six-figure earning potential, and a challenging career in health care. Online pharmacy schools provide a convenient, flexible way to gain the education necessary to become licensed as a pharmacist.

What Do Pharmacists Do?

Pharmacists' responsibilities can be summarized as:

  • Dispensing drugs to individuals in accordance with physicians' prescriptions
  • Providing advice to patients and physicians about the use and selection of drugs, including dosages, side effects, and interactions

On a daily basis, pharmacists may work with patients to understand their prescriptions and educate them about drug selection or drug regimens. They may also provide advice to individuals about over-the-counter products and medications or general health issues. Pharmacists also mix ingredients to produce medications and may work with physicians to determine drug treatment plans and evaluate their effectiveness.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most pharmacists work in:

  • Health care facilities
  • Retail drugstores
  • Community settings

Some pharmacists own or manage their own pharmacy, which requires additional business skills. The BLS reports that the top two employers of pharmacists in 2009 were health and personal care stores (119,150 pharmacists employed) and general medical and surgical hospitals (57,230 pharmacists employed).

Salary and Employment Outlook for Pharmacists

Nationwide, the mean annual salary for pharmacists in 2009 was $106,630--well over twice the mean annual salary for all occupations of $43,460--while the top ten percent of earners took home over $134,290, according to BLS data.

The BLS predicts job growth of 17 percent for pharmacists in the decade from 2008 to 2018, in addition to demand for newly qualified pharmacists to replace those leaving the profession. This adds up to excellent job prospects for pharmacists.

How Online Pharmacy Schools Can Help Get Your Pharmacy Career Started

Pharmacists must hold a license in order to practice. It is generally necessary to hold a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree from a pharmacy school. Online pharmacy schools can provide you with the training you need. An online PharmD program usually takes four years to complete and includes online courses as well as practical experience working alongside a licensed pharmacist.

To make the most of the salary and employment opportunities of a pharmacy career, learn more about the programs offered by online pharmacy schools.

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