Pharmacy Schools in Virginia

Pharmacy Schools in Virginia

Pharmacists work in health care facilities, retail drugstores, and community settings, where they are responsible for dispensing drugs and providing advice about their use. Their work includes:

  • Distributing prescription drugs to individuals and health practitioners
  • Advising individuals about the use, dosage, and potential side-effects of prescription drugs and other over-the-counter medication
  • Counseling patients about general health issues such as diet or about products such as medical dressings or non-prescription medication
  • Preparing medications by mixing ingredients or preparing sterile solutions for intravenous administration

Pharmacists with additional training can administer vaccinations. Some pharmacists own or manage their own pharmacy, where they are also responsible for the daily running of the business. They may also supervise the work of pharmacy technicians and oversee pharmacy students on internships.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the most pharmacists in 2009 were employed in health and personal care stores, followed by general medical and surgical hospitals.

Why Choose Virginia Pharmacy Schools?

The BLS reports that the mean annual salary for pharmacists in Virginia in 2009 was $111,430. This is well above the mean annual salary for all occupations in Virginia of $46,360 and is higher than the mean annual wage for pharmacists in the U.S. as a whole, which stood at $106,630 in 2009.

Pharmacists held 7,700 jobs in Virginia in 2009. Richmond, VA employed 2,420 pharmacists in 2009, the BLS reports, giving it the second-highest concentration of pharmacists in the nation. Nationwide, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts faster-than-average employment growth for pharmacists in the decade 2008 to 2018, at a rate of 17 percent, so job prospects for pharmacist should be strong.

How Virginia Pharmacy Schools Can Help Get Your Career Started

Pharmacy schools in Virginia can provide the education you need to obtain the license necessary to work as a pharmacist. A four-year doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree is usually required to gain licensure, in addition to passing several exams. Post-graduate one- or two-year residency programs or fellowships are also essential for anyone who wants to work in a clinical setting.

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School City Students (FTE)
ACT College Arlington 1044
Hampton University Hampton 5658
Shenandoah University Winchester 3393
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond 31700