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Pre-Med students have a number of different options when it comes to successfully preparing for medical school. Applicants to medical school are required to earn a bachelors degree and meet other requirements of medical school. When earning their bachelors degree, students have the option of studying any major they wish, as there are no particular majors prescribed by medical schools. That being said, most students elect to study a subject that specifically prepares them, such as biology or chemistry.

Bachelor of science degrees in biochemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics are also common. Bachelor of arts degrees are sometimes combined with more specific pre-medical coursework, with students actually majoring in the humanities, social sciences, or linguistics. Many medical schools have specific requirements when it comes to the actual coursework completed by their applicants during undergraduate study. For example, they may require 1 year of English, 1 year of chemistry, physics, biology, statistics, or biology. Many pre-med courses of study are particularly grueling and are designed to discourage students who are not completely dedicated to the field.

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