Veterinary Schools

Veterinary programs provide students with an educational background that is focused on comparative medicine and biology and the applications of this knowledge to health problems that affect both animals and humans. This background places them in a unique position in the world of medicine and health, one that enables them to provide valuable perspective on many important national and world health issues. Veterinary programs focus on the traditional areas of specialty, such as food animals like cattle and swine; fiber animals like sheep; pets like cats and dogs; and sporting animals like race horses. They also study surgery, public health, and preventative medicine.

Students gain a strong knowledge of how healthy animals function as well as substantial clinical experience that challenge and develop their problem solving and interpersonal skills. They learn about the relationship between public health and veterinary medicine. Because of their unique knowledge, veterinarians are increasingly called on to help examine issues such as genetic engineering, biotechnology, ethology, toxicology, and environmental science.

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Veterinary Schools

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