Anthropology Degrees

Anthropology programs train students in the study of humanity with a particular emphasis on diversity of cultures. They utilize theory and research to explain the differences between various cultures around the world. The field relies heavily on ethnographic field research in which anthropologists immerse themselves in the social life of a community. They attempt to identify what traits and values are universal in human cultures, and they also use this knowledge to influence social change. Students learn how to view their own cultures with a critical eye.

Programs typically begin with a broad introduction to perspectives related to sociology and biology. After the first year, students often have the opportunity to specialize in particular areas and find ways to creatively add them to their more general knowledge. They may study any culture, either past or present, and may investigate topics such as small-scale villages to modern economic systems. Today, more and more anthropologists are working the areas of mining, development, and urban planning.

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Anthropology Degrees

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