History Degrees

History programs cover a very wide span of study, which includes examinations of historical eras based on geography as well as chronology. Students may choose to study particular areas, such as the history of the United States, Russia, Europe, or Asia. Or they may study specific topics, such as the history of the global economy, social history, or the history of international relations. Students have the option of specializing in one area while developing their general knowledge of history at the same time. Throughout the programs, students develop their skills related to critical analysis.

From British and European history, to China, to Latina American, to the history of crime or slavery, history programs allow students to bring the past to life. They learn to analyze, document, and present their research findings. Programs usually include group discussion seminars, one-on-one tutorials, lectures, and student presentations. Students are encouraged to deepen their understanding and knowledge of history and engage with the past.

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History Degrees

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