Sociology Degrees

Sociology programs focus on helping students develop an understanding of society, culture, and institutions. Students are exposed to theoretical models as well as specific cases studies. They learn communication and information technology skills, which allow them to become very sought-after in the professional hiring realm. The beginning of sociology programs is all about building a foundation in sociological thinking and theory, including a history of the discipline. In later years, students move on to study the sociology of modern-day society. They tackle topics like gender, race, class, and are introduced to empirical material and comparative approaches.

Many students combine their study of sociology with other subjects like history or economics. Typically, in the last year of study, students are allowed to pursue their own individual interests within the discipline. Classes are usually optional and students focus on writing thesis papers and attending discussion seminars. They undertake active research projects and learn the skills that they need to successfully complete social science research.

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Sociology Degrees

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