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Home economics programs are designed to prepare students to focus on resource management that contributes to a more sustainable society. Students can gain an understanding of the connections between quality of life and everyday resource management. Programs are often interdisciplinary in their approach to learning about the operation of households. Central to this understanding is the appreciation of how consumers interact with their economic environment and how they meet their most basic needs. This area of study includes degrees in clothing, apparel, and textile studies; consumer resources, family development, family studies, home economics services, housing studies, and nutrition.

Students in these programs get the opportunity to study the family and human development in an in-depth way. Students focus on the development of individuals and families over time, as well as the specific relationships between family members. This may include study in gerontology, family issues, family policy, family resource management, child development, and family abuse. Students can also develop leadership skills and the ability to conduct independent research.

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Home Economics Degrees

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