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Home Services Vocational programs include such areas of training as child care, clothing and textile industry, custodial, home installation, and institutional food schools. One example of a type of program in this area is child care. The training of child care workers varies from state to state. There are specific licensing requirements in each State regulating child care workers. Some require a high school diploma, while others require community college courses, a college degree, or even a specific degree in child development. Specific training in child care can help candidates land jobs and make themselves stand out to potential employers.

Another example of training in this area is clothing and textile industry schools. Students in these programs learn to become cutters, pressers, or patternmakers. They gain an understanding of the various characteristics of textiles. Training in computers is also becoming typical because they are now standard tools of the trade. Some technical training in running automatic cutting machines is also available. Many programs train students in more than one skill so they have the option of working in modular manufacturing.

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Home Services Vocational Education

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