Library Science Degrees

Library science programs are designed to prepare students to enter a variety of information professions with the skills, knowledge, and ethics they need to succeed. Students can gain a comprehensive knowledge and historical background pertaining to library science and learn to apply their skills of selection, organization, and retrieval effectively. They are taught to apply information technologies and management to the environment of libraries and other information environments. And they are expected to learn to evaluate information services and determine their level of effectiveness. They are encouraged to make contributions to the established body of information knowledge through their own research projects.

Students in these programs can expect to learn to identify the various roles of information science in today's society. They study current trends in the field and how these trends are influencing libraries and other types of information centers. The programs aim to prepare students for careers in public services, library administration, collection development, technical services, and reference services. They may gain employment in academic, public, private, or specialized libraries.

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Library Science Degrees

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