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Biology programs give students a broad knowledge of the biological sciences while allowing them to pursue one particular area of specialization within the field. Students learn how to become biological scientists who understand the relationship between biology and other disciplines. Students learn how to think critically, communicate effectively, make decisions, and understand the ethics involved in the field. They learn to explain biological phenomena to individuals and groups who do not have the same background. They become biologists who are able to function well in the field, the lab, the classroom, or the business office.

Because biology is such a broad science, students tend to become highly specialized. However, in the early parts of biology programs, students are exposed to faculty with incredibly diverse backgrounds and areas of specialization. Students may decide to specialize in toxicology, forestry, medicine, agriculture, public health, biotechnology, or other fields. Writing skills, specifically scientific writing skills, are emphasized throughout the program because communication between colleagues is essential to the discipline.

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Biology Colleges

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