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Botany programs allow students the opportunity to study plants, including their structure, growth, classification, reproduction, and function. Students receive training in many different types of skills and techniques, such as culturing, isolation, fusion, and genetic manipulation. They also learn the fundamental principles of biology, chemistry, and botany. Those who complete bachelors degrees usually enter graduate studies in biochemistry, physiology, cell biology, or molecular genetics. Some take positions in the area of industrial plant science.

Students in botany programs are typically required to take a variety of classes, such as those in botany and biology specifically, as well as chemistry, mathematics, computer science, statistics, physics, and molecular biology. There are a wide variety of specializations within the field, including physiological ecology, adaptation, genetic differentiation, plant ecology, population genetics, evolution, species hybridization, and molecular systematics. Masters degree programs start students on the road to a teaching career in botany. Ph.D. programs can prepare students to pursue careers in independent research or teaching.

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Botany Schools

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