Microbiology Degrees

Microbiology programs give students the chance to focus their studies on the smallest living organisms on the plant, including bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa, and viruses. This is an area of study that is very well suited to gaining a basic knowledge of such subjects as physiology, biology, metabolism, development, and genetics. This is because the cellular processes of these tiny organisms are very similar to those of larger organisms. They are also very easy to work with in laboratories due to the simplicity of their growth rates. Students learn how microorganisms cause diseases, as well as how they influence the global cycling of elements.

Microbiology can be divided into distinct areas of study, such as microbial physiology, genetics, virology, immunology, parasitology, and drug design. The knowledge of microbiology can be applied to industrial processes of food production. Students must develop a background in both microbiology and other general sciences, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, and other areas of biology. When they graduate from these programs, students are qualified to take positions in laboratories in either government or the private sector.

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Microbiology Degrees

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