Zoology Degrees

Zoology programs are popular with a wide variety of undergraduate students because they can provide a strong foundation for health-related careers. They can prepare students for graduate study in the biological sciences as well as medical, dental, and veterinary programs. They may also enter specialized paramedical fields or environmental study. Students are expected to gain an in-depth understanding of animal biology as well as the ability to pursue specific areas of interest through research and advanced study. Graduate programs may include the study of cell biology, animal behavior, or neurosciences. Ph.D. programs are designed to prepare students for careers in biomedical, academic, or government organizations.

The science of zoology includes subjects such as ecology, genetics, and physiology. Because global systems have become affected by human activities, zoology has increased in its level of importance. Today, zoological science is focused on advances in technology and methodology, as well as the application of molecular biology to long-established problems within the discipline. New areas of inquiry include evolutionary biology, population biology, physiology, ecology, and embryonic development.

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Zoology Degrees

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