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Dance programs are designed for students who wish to receive a well-rounded education in dance technique, theory, and performance. In the area of technique, students take courses in specific types of dance, such as jazz, ballet, modern, or African. In the area of theory, students take a wide range of classes, including composition, production, movement, music, history, philosophy, and pedagogy. Performance requirements vary, but usually include joining a touring ensemble. They may learn faculty work which is then performed in schools around the country. Internships are common and can provide the student with practical experience.

In addition to the requirements of technique, theory, and performance, students can also gain an understanding of the role movement plays in life. Students often take courses outside the area of dance to supplement their education and to prepare them for the professional world. Graduates of dance programs may seek employment in a variety of different fields, including teaching in public and private schools, dance production, choreography, and performing. Some graduates pursue graduate degrees in dance and related disciplines.

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Dance Schools

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