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Fine Arts programs allow students to study such artistic endeavors as media, painting, and sculpture. Students get the opportunity to develop their visual intelligence, to develop their critical awareness of fine art, to have access to the artistic resources they need, and to spend large amounts of time in the studio and in discussion groups with peers. Students usually start out studying a variety of artistic media. Then, in later years they choose one subject in which to specialize. They learn the practice and theory of that subject, and they get the chance to develop their skills in that area to the highest degree possible.

Students take part in many activities during the course of their study, including gallery visits, guest speakers, and group debates. Graduate programs emphasize the diversity of contemporary art. Students focus much more on critical subjects that revolve around the design, creation, ideas, and concepts of art. They are involved in critical analysis and ongoing debate regarding contemporary art. Through studio theory, these programs extend the interests, knowledge, and practices of each student.

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Fine Arts Colleges

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