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Photography and Film programs give students the photographic skills and knowledge they need to succeed in careers within this wide industry. They are exposed to a variety of tools and working methods and are encouraged to enhance their self expression and interpret meaning in their work. They learn how to use the latest in digital cameras and editing software programs. They get the chance to learn the theory behind the disciplines, but also to have hands-on experiences in fine art, studio, and freelance photography, as well as independent film and photojournalism.

Programs in photography and film encourage the creative and professional growth of students by holding them to the highest standards in the industry. Students also engage each other in discussions and group forums in which they are able to exchange ideas and development new ones. Most programs end with a student presenting a body of their work to their peers along with written documentation. They also demonstrate their knowledge of the history of their disciplines and an understanding of the current critical dialogue.

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Photography And Film Schools

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