Personal Services Training

Personal Services programs cover a variety of types of training, including cosmetology, culinary, gaming, sports officiating, and mortuary science. For example, cosmetology training involves courses in beauty services, skin care treatment, and manicure skills. Students may also elect to pursue spa technician training in which students they learn therapies and treatments that are offered in the spa services industry. Another example in this area is culinary training that includes classical and modern techniques. These courses are hands-on and include such topics as culinary management, hospitality management, restaurant management, culinary arts, and baking.

Yet another example of education in the area of personal services is mortuary science. These degrees lead to careers as either funeral directors or embalmers. Embalmers prepare deceased bodies for funeral services and funeral directors counsel families and supervise funeral services. Different states have different licensing requirements for both embalmers and funeral directors. These requirements usually include a degree from an accredited institution.

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Personal Services Training

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