Culinary Schools

Culinary programs can prepare students to work in various sectors of the food service industry. Some programs may focus on teaching students the skills needed to become a chef, while others may emphasize scientific knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge to the design and production of food products. The curriculum is based on applied science that includes both the theory and practice of culinary arts and management. The artistic abilities of students are developed through training and practice, and students are challenged to develop critical and analytical skills at the same time.

Culinary programs prepare students to become leaders in the field, giving them exposure to liberal arts, business, administration, management, culinary skills. There are many different career paths within this area, and graduates of culinary programs have a wide range of options to choose from. They may work for hotels, restaurants, airlines, private clubs, travel agencies, tourism agencies, cruiselines, retirement facilities, food service suppliers, and casinos.

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Culinary Schools

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