Physical Sciences Degrees

Physical Sciences programs give students the opportunity to study a variety of scientific subjects, including astronomy, astrophysics, chemistry, geology, meteorology, and physics. Students gain a high degree of knowledge in mathematics and physics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. They also learn to translate this knowledge to a wide variety of benefits to society at large, including those related to science and technology. Students have the option of studying general physical sciences or a number of various specialties within the field.

The range of subject matter covered in physical science courses is incredibly diverse. Students learn about the properties and classification of matter and establish a definition of matter in its various forms. They study the particle nature of matter, including its physical and chemical makeup in solid, liquid, or gas form. They learn the fundamental law of nature: that matter can be neither created nor destroyed. They gain an understanding of the density and pressure of matter to explain such phenomena as rising and sinking. They develop an understanding of heat, temperature, and the particle mode of matter.

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Physical Sciences Degrees

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