Chemistry Colleges

Chemistry programs prepare students for careers in a wide variety of fields, including chemical research, teaching, scientific communication, information transfer, and health-related occupations. Students learn about matter and the vast array of changes that occur to matter. They gain a basic understanding of life and the activities that happen in life. This understanding provides them with a background that can serve as the foundation for many careers that have a profound effect on our daily lives. Most important biological and technological advances depend on the knowledge of chemistry.

Students can earn a bachelors of science degree that will allow them to gain entry into industrial positions. They are also prepared to go on to more advanced graduate study. Students get the chance to participate in undergraduate research under the direction of faculty members. Students also have the opportunity to earn a bachelors of arts degree in chemistry, which can serve to prepare them for careers that are outside the traditional realm of chemistry. For instance, students planning to go into medical school, pharmacy school, high school chemistry teaching, and chemical technician work may find this to be a good option.

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Chemistry Colleges

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