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Geology programs give students the chance to study a field that is at the same time historical and analytical. They use highly sophisticated computational and analytical equipment to develop an understanding of the history of life. They come to understand the incredibly long amounts of time it has taken for life to reach its current state. They study the enormous changes in environmental conditions that have taken place in our geological past. This course of study has significant implications for all living things, past and present.

The study of geology centers around the theory of Plate Tectonics that was developed only 30 years ago and has helped to provide a unified theory of geological phenomena. Geological programs are highly interdisciplinary and can prepare students for a wide variety of careers in scientific and technical industries. They may gain employment in the energy industry or environmental consulting. Many students continue their studies by obtaining a masters degree, which has become the standard degree in the field. For other students, geology may be a more minor aspect of their education, and they may choose to pursue degrees in law, business, or teaching.

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Geology Schools

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