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Physics programs prepare students to either enter the job market in fields where their skills can be utilized or to continue their studies in graduate programs in astronomy, medicine, teaching, law, business, biology, or engineering. In general, programs give students a strong foundation in analytical, computational, problem-solving, mathematical, and laboratory skills. More advanced courses give them a background in electricity, magnetism, quantum mechanics, and mathematical physics.

Students have the option of pursuing either professional, applied, or general courses of study. Study in the professional course prepares them for making physics a component of their career in technical development, physics education, or research. The applied course of study gives students the background they need to work in industry without graduate study. These courses emphasize breadth of knowledge as opposed to specialized study. The general study option is designed for students who do not intend to become physicists or complete graduate study in physics, but rather have an interest in physics along with career aspirations in other areas.

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Physics Colleges

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