Woodworking Schools

Woodworking programs instill a sense of fine craftsmanship in their students and prepare them for various careers in the field of wood craft. Programs typically start out with basic study of wood and wood-related tools. Students learn how to properly handle, care for, and sharpen a variety of woodworking tools. Students begin by learning hand tools, then move on to woodworking machines and joinery, and then, finally to the design and construction of wood products. They learn to create drawings that show the details of joinery, and then they follow through and build specific pieces.

Programs include a high degree of hands-on, practical experience actually constructing furniture or cabinets. Some programs teach students how to start from a raw log, split it, and work with the green lumber. Milled lumber is also focused on and projects are completed with drawknives, spokeshaves, and shaving horses. Students also learn wood turning, carving, and hewing with axes and adzes. Tool safety is often emphasized throughout a program.

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Woodworking Schools

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